'To become a global innovation leader delivering world-class solutions to global societal challenges that create jobs and improve the quality of life of citizens. To achieve this, we will significantly reinforce innovation capacity by connecting and empowering people and organisations to create, educate and innovate.'


Digitization and networking offer great opportunities for every company. While there is no such thing as an all-in-one solution, smart products, methods, and partners will help advance digitization in your business in ways that benefit all involved. YaYoBE shapes the digital future with you.


One of the main added values of the YaYoBE's unique innovation model is to integrate the education dimension into the innovation web. YaYoBE supports the creation of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and promotes a real change of mindset towards an entrepreneurial culture and attitude. more...


Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential ingredients in building a successful commercial venture. The ways in which these two concepts fuel enterprise are something YaYoBE never stop exploring.

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Digital Solutions
Boost your Business

  • Incorporate data into everyday decision-making
  • Go Paperless 
  • Constantly monitor the latest technology trends
  • Analyze and get values from your data

We offer technology training in many subjects ranging from Database development, Analytics, data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Data Bricks, Data Lake